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Tim Thurman’s hybridization paper accepted!

Congratulations to Tim Thurman for having his paper accepted to the Journal of Evolutionary Biology! His paper titled, “Movement of a Heliconius hybrid zone over 30 years: a Bayesian approach” was published after much blood, sweat, and tears. The next time you’re in Panama, Tim, drinks are on us!

Jessica Foley awarded STRI Short-term Fellowship!

Jessica Foley in Ecuador

Jessica was recently awarded the STRI short-term fellowship to carry out a project studying longevity and cognitive decline in Heliconius butterflies. Working under the supervision of both Dr. Owen McMillan and Dr. Stephen Montgomery of the Evolution of Brains and Behaviour (EBAB) lab in Cambridge, she will study the effects of age on learning and memory tests in both Heliconius and Dryas butterflies, with the aim of investigating a potential differential senescence in cognitive ability between the two genera. Will the physiological robustness conferred upon Heliconius by their pollen-feeding behaviour translate to a similar robustness in cognitive ability compared to their non-pollen-feeding close relatives?

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