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Heliconius Seminar

By Luca Livraghi

While under quarantine we will be presenting bi-weekly Zoom seminars featuring Heliconius researchers. Please contact Joana Meier ( or Luca Livraghi ( if you would like to be added to the email list for the talk announcements.

Talks start at 10AM Panama time unless noted otherwise.

11 May 2020Luca Livraghi (U Cambridge, UK)The gene cortex controls scale colour identity in Heliconius

25 May 2020
Joe Hanly (George Washington U, USA)Investigation of wing pattern mutants in a domesticated population of Heliconius melpomene

8 June 2020
Kelsey Byers (U Cambridge, UK)QTL for potential wing and genital pheromone compounds show clustering across the genome
June 22, 2020Chris Kozak (STRI)Population genomics of large mimetic radiations

July 6th, 2020Melanie Brien (U Sheffield / U Cambridge) The genetics and evolution of structural colour in Heliconius butterflies
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