About Our Facilities

The Gamboa Insectaries provide unparalleled opportunities for conducting research with approximately 12,500 m2 utilized by researchers for rearing butterflies and growing associated larval and adult host plants. This space includes ten, 5m x 8m, greenhouses (for stock maintenance), approximated 2 dozen semi-permanent “net” houses (for maintaining larval host plants and local Heliconius stocks), and ample ambient space for the culture of adult host plants.

Located adjacent to our continuously expanding insectaries is STRI’s Gamboa Research Building. This building is STRI’s newest facility. Opened in Oct 2016, the building contains 3,700m2 of laboratory space and includes equipment for physiological, biochemical, tissue culture, basic genetic and high-resolution imaging research.

Photo:STRI Research Building photo taken by Luca Livraghi.