Lab Meeting Schedule


Lab meetings are held every Wednesday at 4PM in the first floor seminar, or 3rd floor conference room in the Gamboa Lab.


9-OctChiJournal club: “Unsupervised machine learning reveals mimicry complexes in bumblebees”
16-Oct DeniseJournal club: “Genome editing retraces the evolution of toxin resistance in the monarch butterfly”
30-OctOwen Journal club: “The visual ecology of Hypoplectrus hamlets: Aggressive mimicry”
6-NovCarlos R.Talk: “The evolution of gene regulatory networks and its footprint in genome evolution”
13-NovChrisJournal club: "Genomics of a complete butterfly continent"
20-NovBenitaTalk: "Monitoring Arthropods in tropical rainforests: thermal and desiccation tolerance, time-series and DNA metabarcoding"
27-NovLucaTalk: "Cortex Paper Updates"
15-JanCarolinaJournal club: "Parallel evolution of ancient, pleiotropic enhancers underlies butterfly wing pattern mimicry."
22-JanLauraTalk: "Progress update on Heliconius brains"
29-JanChris K.Journal Club: "High evolutionary potential in the chemical defenses of an aposematic Heliconius butterfly"
5-FebFletcherTalk: "Learning behaviour in Heliconius butterflies"
12-FebCharlotte + LucaTalk: "Using Nanopore sequencing to identify pattern specific splice variation." + "Cortex Manuscript"